Ryan McGinley: Lens-Based-Artist #2

Week 6: February 14th-21st

Ryan McGinley was born in 1977 in Ramsey, NJ who now currently lives and works in New York, NY. He earned his BFA in 200 from School of Design in New York, NY. Ryan McGinley makes large-scale color photographs of his friends, a group that forms part of New York’s Lower East Side youth culture. As a New Jersey high schooler, McGinley began visiting Manhattan to spend time with a group of skateboarders. After enrolling at Parsons School of Design, he took up the camera and began photographing willing collaborators. McGinley’s photographs break down barriers between public and private spheres of activity, making the sensational appear banal and drawing attention to the everyday. Drawn from his crowd of skateboard, music, graffiti and gay subcultures, McGinley’s subjects perform for the camera and expose themselves with a frank self-awareness that is distinctly contemporary. The camera is both a part of their lives and an accomplice in the construction of the world they wish to create for themselves. The results form a portrait of a generation that is savvy about visual culture and acutely aware of how identity can be communicated through photography. McGinley’s photographs have been featured in numerous publications, as well as in galleries and museums worldwide. Recent exhibitions include solo shows in Milan, Paris, and Toronto in 2002, as well as MOMA’s PS1 Museum, New York in 2004 and the group exhibitions Bystander at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, in 2002, and Raw: New York, New Work in London, 2001. Magazine credits include Dazed and Confused, Vice, Index, i-D, Dutch, and Butt. In 2003, McGinley was also chosen to exhibit his work as part of the First Exposure Series at the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York in 2003. McGinley currently lives and works in New York City.
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^- This calander that you see is something he has done since October 2011. He posts photographs, movies, whatever he does that day.

Please look at his website for more of his art!

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